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    Pixoto Support

    Hello A, you can find basic information about pausing of images (and some other basic information how PIxoto works) here:
    Here is the part about pausing images:
    " Why is my image "Paused"?

    • Images get paused if they are statistically unlikely to move up to the top 10% of all images (approximately 615 ImageScore). Sometimes we determine this within this within 6 duels sometimes it takes 100. The key is that in order to provide good clarity into which images are in the top 10 we must vote the best images a lot. With a limited amount of duels available to us the best way to accomplish this is by pausing images once we've determined that they are not likely to get near the top. We use statistics so by definition we are not 100% confident that the image should be paused and so to address this issue we added the "get more votes" feature (the "play" button on the leaderboards). Under certain circumstances Paused images may still be placed in to duels and may be unpaused automatically."

      Regards, Jasenka

  • A. Bisschop

    Thanks Jasenka - that clarifies it a bit 


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