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  • Official comment
    Pixoto Support

    Hello Karen, congratulation of your #1 weekly award.
    We give out cash awards for #1 weekly images in categories where there were at least 1000 images submitted during that week at the time weekly awards are assigned.
    You can check rules here:
    Unfortunatelly, there were only 474 images submitted in week when your image got #1 weekly place, so your image is not eligible for cash prize this time.
    Regards, Jasenka
    (p.s. I replied the same text on Sept 11th to the ticket you posted on Sept 10th, didn't you received notification about reply?)

  • Karen McKenzie McAdoo

    Hello, Jasenka. Thank you for replying. I did not get any answer or notification on here, when I first posted this question about getting #1 in the flowers category.  So when I saw that I had won again in another category, I wrote again. Sorry! It didn't register in my "activities" on here, either. But I do appreciate your answering me.  It was just confusing--as we used to have to say which category it was we were applying for.  Ah well--I'll try winning again.  Thanks for your patience! 

  • Pixoto Support

    Hi Karen, thank you for information. You should received e-mail notification about reply through ticket. Can you please check your spam/junk mail?



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