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    Pixoto Support

    Hello Barbara, I'm sorry but you can't limit images on the App to specific category. What you can do, is open Pixoto page on your phone on the browser, rotate your phone to be horizontally and you will get same view as on computer, allowing you to limit images per type, category and subcategory.

  • Barbara Boyte

    I used to be able to rotate the phone and get more options but now I do not get the display to turn. Other functions on my phone rotate such a photos and Facebook. Any suggestions?

  • Pixoto Support

    Hi Barbara, I'm reall sorry, I didn't see this post. To be able to use all functions, please do not use Pixoto App, you need to open Pixoto in your browser on the phone (like Chrome, Firefox, Edge).

  • Barbara Boyte

    Thank you.  That worked!


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