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  • Official comment
    Pixoto Support

    Hello Barbara, in the browser version you can select Subcategory, but in the App you can select only Type and Category.

  • Barbara Boyte

    This makes it difficult to enter contests because if you have lots of images the recent are not shown first and it would make it a bit easier if the subcategories were shown or if there was an option to select high scoring or recent. Otherwise I have to scroll way down to find the image I am looking for. I have submitted images I did not mean to enter in a contest because it is too easy to touch the wrong one while scrolling. Please consider an option to make this easier.

  • Pixoto Support

    Hi Barbara, I'm sorry for the delay in reply I was in car accident and couldn't reply sooner. If you just click again on image you selected by mistake you can remove it yourself from the contest. That being said, I will forward your suggestion for sorting of images. 

  • Barbara Boyte

    Sorry to hear you were in an accident. Thanks for submitting the request.


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