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    Pixoto Support

    Hello Michael, 

    I would suggest to delete that one as well if you are no longer interested in it.  If you have any old contests that you never finished creating, it will now load the information on the Create page so you can finish where you left off.

    It looks like that this is the only other old contest you have, so if you delete it, it will be blank the next time you try to create a contest.

  • Michael Moore

    Thank you for responding.

    I will try this next time.

    However, the two contests which showed up were in fact completed and awards were assigned.

    All the contest I have created (over 100) are always completed and all have been fully voted on.

    I still think there is a problem but I will report back.

  • Pixoto Support

    Hi Michael, 

    Neither of the contests were completed, nor were there ever awards assigned.  Perhaps you had started to create the contest, then created it again with the same name?  Before if you clicked Create Your Own Contest, it would just start over, So if you left the page and clicked the button again, the previously saved contest could no longer be accessed.

    When you click Create You Own Contest now, it gives you the option to delete the previous contest.  When you click that link, it takes you to the contest which you can see there are no entries, awards, or activity.

    For example:

    1. Go to the contests page:
    2. Click Create Your Own Contest
    3, Notice the title is "Letter C" and there is a message:

    "Looks like you haven't finished creating your previous contest. If you would like to delete this contest so you can start a fresh one, you can do that here."

    Click the "here" which takes you to the contest page:

    Notice there are not entries or awards assigned.

  • Michael Moore

    Thank you for your further explanation.

    I have just tried again and found details of another contest created in November 2020, deleted as suggested.

    Next attempt found all fields/boxes empty. I can't remember what happened back in November 2020.

    However, everything now seems to be in order, thank you for bearing with me.

    Kind regards.



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