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Questionable Moderator



  • Official comment
    Pixoto Support

    We did a release today with the following changes:

    1. Contest Creation

    If your account < 10 images OR
    You have not previously created a contest that has finished and assigned awards

    your contest will go into Pending status in which a Pixoto admin will have to review and approve it.

    2. Contest Voting

    To insure moderators are doing their job:
    When a contest reaches it's deadline, it changes to Pre-Vote status.
    At this point the moderator must confirm they have reviewed all the entires by clicking a button to start voting.


  • Pixoto Support

    Passing a quiz is a bit extreme, but adding requirements is reasonable a request.

    Perhaps one could also be that you must have already participated in a closed contest.

    -- Scott

  • Judy Rosanno

    I was just throwing some ideas out there. Participating in a contest would have at least disqualified a person who doesn't even have any images uploaded to their portfolio.

  • Lena Arkell

    Very good suggestions, Judy.  We have a few more "contests" opened in the past few days with new members who have not uploaded a single photo.  Actually I think that they are trying to submit photos.... not actually start a contest.  


  • Judy Rosanno

    I think those are good steps. If the moderator fails to meet the requirement, will someone from Pixoto step in to take over their duties? It seems they should only be allowed a few days to do that so participants aren't penalized. However, if someone from Pixoto does have to take over, then the original moderator should not get any credits.


  • Pixoto Support

    With the new policy, first contests created by new moderators must be approved by a Pixoto Admin prior to submission.

    I agree users should not be penalized.  However, I am not in sure if Pixoto should take over the moderation duties as this might present a conflict of interest.  I agree that moderators should not be compensated if they do not adequately fulfill their duties as a moderator.  

    What we can do to address this issue of users being penalized is perhaps the following:

    1.  All first layer comments must be replied to or reported prior to a contest reaching the voting phase.
    2.  The moderator has 72 hours to put the contest into voting phase otherwise it will enter the phase automatically and the moderator will receives no credits.




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