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Taking too long for Pixoto to paying out the winners of their contests



  • Official comment
    Pixoto Support

    We have just returned back to normal operations.  Unfortunately, staff that were involved in the payout process were affected.  You can expect payout within the next *2* days.  We also plan on introducing more contests with prizes this month. 

  • Paul Drajem

    Yes well you probably shouldn't have contest if you can't pay out in a timely fashion.I still have not received my canvas credits which I was told when I inquired I would get my credits in a few days and it's been over a few days. And once again not credited. Get with the program.


  • Pixoto Support

    Hello Paul,

    You were informed you would receive the canvas credits this week.  Sorry if there was any confusion with that. 

    The reason for the delay is it did require releasing part of our new system in order for them to take effect.  The credits are now in your account and you should see them from your cart page.  You can expect future award payouts to be done in a timely manor.



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