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Wrong Category Reports




  • Official comment
    Pixoto Support

    Hello Judy, that image has been recategorized to correct category.

  • Di Elderton  

    As above, have pressed the report button twice, but these geese are still in 'Other Mammals'

  • Judy Rosanno

    Di, Pixoto doesn't usually bother changing sub-categories since those don't really affect judging. Images duel against any others in the main category. There are two reasons to get the sub-categories right: 1. Some voters will vote down an image in duels if it says "other mammals" and they see an image of a goose. They will automatically vote for the image that shows a mammal. So if you put the image in the wrong sub-category it could potentially lessen the score for that image. Reason #2. If you are doing a search of your own images for a contest and want to find a certain type of image to enter, it refines your search more easily if you have your images labeled in the correct sub-category. Notice both of those reasons benefit the user identifying their images correctly. I sometimes will send a comment to the person to let them know (in a kind way) that their sub-category is wrong and that could be hurting them in duels. Then if they change it, great. If they don't it's their loss. Please note, I am an experienced user, but I do not work for Pixoto, so you may get a different response from the Report Team.

  • Pixoto Support

    Hello Di, all images in one category can duel other images in same category regardless of subcategory. Awards are assigned on category level, and subcategories are for organizational purposes only.

  • Di Elderton

    Judy and Support, thanks, I understand, though awards aside, in a sub-category I find it visually irksome and a blow to one's sense of achievement (allbeit a bit of fun one-upmanship), to see an image that really should be elsewhere ahead of another that's in the correct place.


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