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  • Official comment
    Pixoto Support

    Hello Yvonne, I'm sorry but you can't remove photo from competition once you enter it. Only moderator can disqualify it - so if you want image removed from competition you make comment under contest with link to imge in question, and ask moderator to disqualify it.

  • Alex Yan

    I have also accidentally pressed and submitted the wrong photos/images but couldn't delete or replace them as your site did not provide such key in your system! May I suggest that you may please consider providing such key and upgrade your services system in order to eliminate all unnecessary inconvenience to all parties!

  • Pixoto Support

    Thank you for suggestion Alex, we will take it into consideration for our future update.

  • Julie Dant

    How can I simply delete one of my own images from my gallery?

  • Pixoto Support

    Hello Julie,

    from your Leading or Recent page you just click on thumbnail of image you would like to delete, then imagedetailpage will show for that image and
    thenyou use "Delete" button below image to delete image.
    If your image won 5% or better award you woun't be able to delete it yourself, then please use Report boutton (on imagedetail page also) and select reason "Delete this image (I own it)"


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