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Voting discrepancy



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    Pixoto Support

    Hi A., I'm sorry for the delay in reply. Voting in contests follow same algorithm as voting for category.

    Meaning, the ultimate number of votes that an image gets is dependent on its early dueling history. The more early wins an image has the higher its ImageScore will go and the more duels it will ultimately receive. The highest rated unpaused images on the site will end up with four times (or more) duels than the lowest. We are primarily focused on refining the scores of the top image – which is the reason for the disproportionate number of duels to those types of images.
    Also, contest duels are not counted against number of duels that you can see on imagedetail page, so you can't compare number of duels of 2 images if you check only imagedetail pages (because those are only category duels).
    Regards, Jasenka

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