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Take away the moderator rating



  • Pixoto Support

    Thank you for suggestion Johan, I'll forward it to the management.
    Regards, Jasenka

  • Johan Schmidt

    Like the other 20 plus suggestions? Nothing ever happens. Is there even a management?

  • Pixoto Support

    Hi Johan, yes, there is management. They can agree to make the changes or they can disagree with the suggested changes., or they can take it into considerator for any future update.

    Since the start of Pixoto management agreed with many of the suggestions users made and just the few I can think of the top of my head are:

    - introduction of moderator ratings for community contest moderators (which was hightly requested by users)

    - limitation of number of resubmits

    - removing ablility for users to delete/resubmit images that won 5% or better awards

    - change in accolade calculation

    - introduction of Uncategorized category

    - change in various categories (introducing new categories, change in description and rules for some, removing some categories)

    - introduction of direct messaging

    and many, many more.

    Regards, Jasenka


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