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Suggestion: Limit a members daily entries



  • Pixoto Support

    Thank you for suggestion Johan, as soon as enough members suggest the same management will take it into consideration.
    Regards, Jasenka

  • Gérard Chatenet


    For 2 years, I have taken the decision to no longer issue any reclamation on the operation of PX, since obviously it seems to be useless.
    But here, I have to support Johan Schmidt, because indeed it becomes ridiculous.
    2 days ago, a photographer submitted the same day 27 images of the same parrot, 
    A few months ago I reported massive submissions of flower photos, from the same photographer, unprocessed photos, blurred, poorly framed, etc...
    As Johan points out, this does not contribute to a good image of Pixoto.
    I do think it is necessary to set limits to stupidity.

  • Johan Schmidt

    Well, I submitted my suggestion two month ago and since nothing has happend since that I solved the problem in my own way - I blocked less than ten users who are spamming the community with zillions of mediocre images each day. I don’t mention any names but I think you can figure it out in several cases…

    if you ask me what the problem is I can tell you that it is quite boring with all those duels where you have to decide if this train is better than that train or if this flower is better than that flower and so on,


    Edit: with my blocking of less than ten users I get rid of half of the images each day. And I don’t miss them.

  • Johan Schmidt

    I have to repeat: there should be a daily limit of submitted images from one person. Or still better: accept submits only to contests. Now there are some users who spam the community with zillions of mediocre images each day. Like all those trains and flowers who really make the duelling a quite boring thing. A limit would improve this community quite a bit.

  • Johan Schmidt

    What I mean is that only submits who are not in a contest should be limited.


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