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Suggestion: Only uploading to contests

Not planned



  • Official comment
    Pixoto Support

    Hello Johan,

    category competitions are the main focus on Pixoto. Challenges are just additional fun, people can enter them or not, it is at their will, however each image published on Pixoto needs to be put in one of the categories and will participate in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly category competitions.
    Regards, Jasenka

  • Barbara Anne Helberg

    I would not be interested in remaining on Pixoto if it were mandatory to enter just contests. My enjoyment comes mostly through the daily, weekly, monthly competitions within categories. Contests are not well moderated. ImageScores and voting on each other's photos is more challenging anyway. Just my thoughts. I used to have a wonderful time on National Geographic's website posting images about which people very politely shared their comments. There was no real competition; just friendly sharing. If one wished to enter contests, there were ongoing topics available. Sadly, NG switched to Instagram and many of us lost our galleries there. I hope we don't lose Pixoto as well! Thank you for the opportunity thus far! It's nice to be able to meet other people who view photography as an experience.


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