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Steps to report a moderator not following his own rules.




  • Official comment
    Pixoto Support

    Hello Debbie, we have a moderator rating system in place to allow users to decide if they want to enter contest that is moderated by specific moderator or not. In case of moderator in question, with moderator rating of only 63 , it is obvious that users are not satisfied with how that moderator moderates his contests, and I would never enter contest run by such moderator.

    Pixoto will not interefere with moderator of community contests (unless community contests violate rules for community contests). 

    All the contests you mention are normally in open stage. 

    Each user has right to block another user for any reason. Since you state that he blocked you, you are not able to see his profile, his images or his contests.

    I check all 3 contests now. I can see that all 5 of your images normally participate in the contest Graffiti,, they are not disqualified (none of the images by any user are disqualified).  Also all 3 images you entered on Faces contest are not disqualified either (none of the images by any user are disqualified), and lastly, all images you submitted to contest Insects on flowers also participate (they are not disqualified either).

    I would suggest, before entering any more contests, please check moderator rating for moderator that is moderating contest you want to enter, and then decide if you want to enter contest or not.
    Regards, Jasenka


  • Debbie Salvesen

    I just discovered he dq'd ALL of my images from a THIRD CONTEST, one of which none had been dq'd before today! Again if a person has images in a contest and they meet the rules set by the moderator, the photographer should be allowed to stay in the contest and be judged by the voters (not the moderator)! The moderator can block me from FUTURE contests he runs (if he is allowed), but should not be able to do so at his discretion once the contest has begun!!!  is the THIRD contest I was wrongly dq'd from! I should get my points back for those images and he should be blocked from ever moderating again! This is one of FIVE images dq'd just because he blocked me AFTER they were submitted rather than because they did not meet one of the rules!  :   :    :   These are the others that were unjustly dq'd after the fact. 

  • Johan Schmidt

    Still, you have even poorer moderator rating than me, Debbie…

  • Debbie Salvesen

    Johan Schmidt show such maturity, doesn't he? Like that of a two year old. The harassment continues from him. At least I don't change the rules mid-contest, make up new rules, fail to follow the rules I (or YOU) in this case failed to do or act like a spoiled child like you CONTINUE to do! Give it a rest Schmidt. 


  • Johan Schmidt

    You are simply lying about me changing the rules. Don’t be a bad loser.


  • Johan Schmidt

    And remember: YOU started the harressment with that unnessesery backstabbing in the graffiti-kontest.


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