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New Judging Rules




  • Official comment
    Pixoto Support

    Hello Debbie,


    if moderator selected that he/she will give Judge's award, then moderator is unable to enter his/her images to that contest. So moderator can never give him/her self Judge's award - it is just impossible.

    If moderator selected that Judge's award will be selected by Pixoto voters, then moderator can enter their images, but can not select Judge's award. So if moderator did get Judge's award, Pixoto voters decided that moderator got best image in that contest, not the moderator. And also, Pixoto voters decide about all other places, so it is, in this case,  irrelevant who the moderator is (regarding who is able to submit images).

    In either case, if moderator selected the he/she will select Judge's award, or if moderator selected that Pixoto voters will decide, moderator can not influence whatsoever who will get other awards (apart form Judge's award in first case).

    It is moderators decision if they want to limit or not number of submitted images per user (they can limit that if they want to - there is an option when you are making contest how many images per user is allowed).

    If images are very similar (per our rules), please do report them.

    In the Terms of Service - it is stated: "You are solely responsible for creating backup copies of and replacing any User Content you host on the Site at your sole cost and expense."

    That being said, we do offer retrieving your own images through Pro subscription feature. You can buy Pro subscription and then download backup of your images.

    I hope this helps.

  • Deon Hamilton

    i don't know about contests but there is defiantly something going on with the voting system that's broken, or maybe some dishonest voting going on, i often see realy good images lose out to top images, like a photo taken with a potato win over something totally professional looking, this is my opinion, people are voting down the better image in spite or they are just clicking as fast as they can to gain points without realy taking the time to even look at the images, Maybe every so often add a click this image  Note that cheeks to see if the user is paying attention or just clicking randomly, if they are clicking randomly then this could catch them out, then if found that they are just clicking randomly the site could say ban them from voting for a set time.     

  • Pixoto Support

    Hello Deon,

    we already have a system that will catch users that down-vote or vote too fast or random and ban them from voting. So, while it is possible that users vote like that, they are caught fast and banned from further voting.

  • Deon Hamilton

    Oh realy oO ive never once seen this test image, maybe its broken, how often should we see it, i voted over 3000 times and did not see it once ?


  • Pixoto Support

    Deon, that is the point. You will never know when image is test image or regular image. You have probably voted dozen of times on test images without knowing. Our system knows and that is enough.


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