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Unfair contest ran by PIXOTO



  • Official comment
    Pixoto Support

    Hi Paul, we apologize for oversite on our part, moderator by mistake read wrong year of submission of image.
    We will try our best not to make same mistake again.
    Please do accept our sencere apology.

    Regards, Jasenka

  • Paul Drajem

    Jasenka I can understand a mistake but this was no mistake before Voting began  and was over with, Kelly was contacted several times about images having the wrong entry date and was ignored until myself and several others complained about the image winning number one. And then she goes out of her way to delete the comments exposing what has been happening. How do you explain that?

  • Cheryl Beaudoin

    Hi Jasenka,

    I did not enter this contest but I did enjoy viewing the photos.  I sent contact to Pixoto through the HELP button when I saw dates, etc not in line with the contest rules.  I offered to do whatever I would be able to not knowing if something happened to someone ER, illness, or whatever.  I know things happen in life.  It was the night before the contest would be awarded and votes were complete.  The next day I got a response that the contest would be dq.  (I even thought the wording of the contest would maybe be an answer of how I can reword the NEW FAV contest that I was running every two weeks and inquired on that... no answer on that one).  After seeing the message that the contest was going to dq I felt Pixoto had made necessary decision at the last minute needed.  Then I looked and saw the Awards were posted.  I felt bad for the #2 person who would be #1.  I'm glad you all are extending #1 to #2 rightfully so, also.  I hope the award "Judge's Award" is also able to show on his photo and profile for the win.  I'm glad that Pixoto is giving him Judge's Award.  I make alot of mistakes in life so I tend to have compassion and at times overly on things as a result of my own errors in life.  I can understand the frustration of others as a result of this.  Still, if manpower is needed to fix this for all to be right, I will do what I can to help fix it if able.  Please let me know if something I can do to help with a final resolve.  blessings to all... Cheryl


  • Paul Drajem

    Cheryl of course nothing is being done same wonder at once again in the landscape ice scenery contest




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