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Portraits of Women



  • Official comment
    Pixoto Support

    Hello Debbie, images of vagina are not allowed at all (not even in Nudes and boudoir catgeory) so if you see any please do report it as Pornography.

    Regarding people in bikinis they are (per our rules) allowed in People category. I will discuss with management about images you mention (suggestive) where is correct category for them.
    Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    Regards, Jasenka

  • Janna Morrison

    I totally agree - There's a line being crossed. These are not normal swimsuit shots. They are intentionally slutty. Last weeks entries had a woman in a swimsuit with her hand between her legs on her crotch. Its intended to appear to be masturbating. It belongs in a porn magazine. They look like ads for prostitutes. Covered or uncovered isn't enough of a filter. Suggestive posing needs to be a consideration.

  • Janna Morrison

    link to above mentioned masturbation photo

  • Pixoto Support

    Hello Janna, I'm not sure that would qualify as "masturbation" photo. I have informed management about this suggestion, though.


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